HotelSpecials registration process

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January 19, 2015

HotelSpecials was founded in 2002, since then we’ve grown offering more than 5000 hotels in 8 different countries through 6 different labels. They provide  the best hotel deals and specials to make sure you always get the most out of your short stay vacation.

BEWARE that for the moment, we the internationals have to wait until they launch this platform with international coverage. Would be nice to have it at least for Europe.

Registration Process

1. Click on the following link and fill in the form:


2. After you completed the first page from above, you will receive a thank you message


3. Within hours, an account manager will contact you in order to set-up your account. Being a smaller IDS, distribution channel, they can provide fast an customized assistance.

Target Market

Dutch, Belgian, German and Scandinavian market. A hotel registration is free of charge and theycharge a 12% commission based on the total revenue. Our Extranet is available in French, German, and English as well as in the Dutch language.


HotelSpecials specializes in selling Theme Specials. These Specials include elements like free amenities: a free drink upon arrival, 1 day free cycling hire, a 3-course dinner, a free upgrade or book 3 nights  get 1 free. Further to that, they provide the opportunity to book a hotel room without credit cards details. These two approaches have been a solid foundation of their business model and offer all the hotel partners the chance to attract new guests.

The Account Managers Team of this solid extranet, help hotel partners with advices on sales and interesting (seasonal) promotions, so that they can spend more time running their hotel operation and less time and hassle dealing with online marketing details.

The online platform offers a reliable connectivity and integration with the main players when it comes to channel management. Your account manager will be able to activate this option and send the signal to the channel manager provider.


‘Goede service en klantvriendelijk.’




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