Casamundo registration process


Claudiu Simina

December 29, 2014

Casamundo brings you more than 300,000 individual holiday home, in locations throughout Europe and the USA. The company has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and is a reliable online distribution provider for your property.

Registration Process

1. Click on the following link provided by Casamundo and fill in the form:

2. Casamundo requires some basic information to be entered. Like in the below form to be submitted after completion.


3. After you filled and submitted the form a Thank you message, will appear on the booking website of casamundo.


4. The online distribution channel will send you the following confirmation email with your username and password. Also, there is a link for the log in to your own private area.


5. Within few minutes, you are already inside the extranet of Casamundo. They have to review you application. For this, I suggest you get in touch with their customer service and talk with your assigned account manager.



Target Market

Europe and Internationally.

Holiday houses insight

You feel like experiencing a new way of traveling and sleeping? Maybe you are looking for the comfort that holiday homes to rent provide. They are styled in a unique way by the owners and the cleaning has already been done before you provide. You do not have to get up early because the cleaning services arrived. Or maybe you do not want to see other tourists by having your own private space that is somewhere in a residential area. Whatever the reason, the concept of holiday homes for rent has become more and more popular.

Holiday homes uk is a highly searched destination along with holiday homes in france. Are these top destinations for you as well? For me they have been in the past, since few years ago I have a deep appreciation for the eastern European destinations. Holiday cottages by the sea are the preferred destination for me, for example when I go and visit Budva in Montenegro. These holiday cottages offer me the flexibility and affordable rates that allow me to stay longer than I would in a 3 star hotel without sacrificing on quality. This form of self catering accommodation is for me what can be defined as luxury holiday homes or luxury holiday villas. Given the decoration, furniture, location with the views to the sea and accessible to central locations.

Home and away holiday rentals can be a good option for you as well as a property owner. During the summer you leave your home that is located near the sea and your are looking for large holiday homes in the mountainous regions. You could rent out your villa or chalet in order to pay part of your upcoming holidays. Some are doing a year long business, out of self catering holidays concept. Can you provide a last minute self catering rental? Or even a luxury self catering space?

As the idea of holiday lets becomes more popular. Have a look for online distribution channels that allow you to obtain online bookings and tourists from around the world.


‘The booking process seemed to go OK, but there was a little uncertainty as to when the deposit was being taken and I had to ring the UK branch to check that it was going through. I wanted to make sure that the booking was firm. Fortunately all was well.’

Ann F Bennett`s

‘Fairly easy booking experience, would have liked to be able to book an apartment with sea view, was able to contact an associate about this but none available.
We go in May so watch this space…..’


‘The selection of properties was good, the information on each comprehensive and the booking system efficient.’

David de Borman






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