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Claudiu Simina

December 23, 2014 is a young and vibrant company dedicated to providing the budget traveler with a one-stop-shop for their travel accommodation needs. Our online portal provides travelers from all corners of the globe an online engine for searching and booking destinations worldwide. That means whether you are traveling to or from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania or Africa we will have what you are looking for. offers a wide range of accommodation choices suitable for all travelers’ budgets and needs.

 Moreover, has a team of dedicated travelers who help us pick out some of the best rated budget accommodation around the world so our partner hotels/hostels come pre-selected and pre-approved by experienced traveling professionals.

Registration Process

1. Click on the following link and enter all the details:

2. To join the booking network of hostelsclub, fill in the form and submit it. Be careful to provide all the data and fill in all the fields. When an important field of information is missing, you will have to start the process again and the information has already disappeared from the form.


3. After you submitted the application, the below message appears on the booking website of hostelsclub. The distribution channel will contact you for further instructions.


Target Market


Hostel insight

Backpacking stands for low-cost travel, either national or international. Some other characteristics will be mentioned just now. Backpackers  use an easy carry on bag or luggage because it needs to be carried for long distances or long periods of time. To buy all needed for the adventure go to:

After having the essentials, travelers use mainly public transport as is cheap way to get to places. Also, they look for inexpensive temporary accommodation, that can be a cheap hostel, b&b, otel, using the ebooking method to obtain such places. This include booking websites as: hostelsclub, hostelbookers or hostelworld, among many other providers.

The profile of a hostel booker may be very diverse even tough is associated with young adults who generally have fewer obligations and thus more time to travel. He may be associated with an hostelclub like the internationally recognized hostelling international or yha.

When booking hostels, you may be fascinated by some unique boutique properties or even a whole concept like in the case of generator hostel.  For a guaranteed adventure, have your tried looking for: hostels in Ljubljana, vienna hostelslike wombats city hostel vienna, prague hostel, budapest hostels – like marco polo Hostels Budapest, Why not booking a hostel for your next travel experience?


‘I found the same rooms listed in Venice as were listed on the other portals, but Hostelsclub had them cheeper!  ‘

‘Very helpful staff. They do for you half of your work.’

‘I’ve used HostelsClub many times and finally I really appreciate this site for many reasons: it’s really easy to use, it provides a lot of useful infos regarding travel and you could always find unbelievable offers…I booked hostels in rome and in naples for less than 10€ per night and I stayed in Barcelona 1 week in a super cool hostel (Urbany) for less than 100€. Highly recommended!  ‘





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