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Claudiu Sorin Simina

November 27, 2014 is an online booking website started as a small start-up in Enschede in 1996 (home of the University of Twente), based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and since 2005 owned and operated by United States based Priceline.

In 2013, it accounted for more than two thirds of Priceline’s revenue. is available in more than 41 languages. does not charge a booking fee to customers, but charges commission on bookings to accommodation partners. Registration Process

1. Click on the following link to register and add your property to


2. After you clicked on List your property, extranet asks for basic information of your property.


3. You are Straight into your account with distribution channel:


Within 2 minutes, you will receive an automated email from


You will have to finish all the configurations to achieve 100% completion status. Then an Account Manager will be contacting you within 24/48 hours time frame to schedule a one-to one training session.

Even tough you have not reached 100% status, you will still receive another 2 email inviting your to complete your registration and a phone call will follow within a week or two to check the status of your account and see if any support is needed.

Target Market:

Market leader mainly in Europe with international expansion.  Europeans have typically have twice as many vacation days as Americans, and  they tend to take all of them. Moreover, the growth of discount airlines in Europe such as EasyJet and Ryanair have increased the popularity of “city breaks” — the European equivalent of a weekend getaway.Best of all, the European market for online travel services still has much room to grow. Compared with the U.S., a much smaller percentage of travelers book hotels online, a byproduct of the fragmented nature of the European hotel industry. There are far fewer big hotel chains, which means travelers are more likely to be considering stays at independently owned hotels — which rarely have their own websites. Unless travelers are familiar with the city they are visiting, it’s hard for them to differentiate the overpriced fleabags from the gems worth every euro. Priceline typically collects a 15% commission on every room reserved at; in return, the hotels get access to more potential customers. “If you own a great hotel in Prague, you’re probably going to have a very small marketing budget,” says Darren Huston, a former Microsoft and Starbucks executive who became’s CEO in September 2011. “You might get to a certain level of occupancy via word of mouth, but you would have difficulty marketing to Russians or Brazilians or people from the Middle East because you don’t have a brand name.” helps level the playing field.
‘An amazing useful site, great prices and sales on hotels.’
‘Full marks for BOOKING.COM I have been using it for years and have never been disappointed so far. You look, book and off you go.’
‘I booked a motel through booking. Com and there was an error with the room I reserved online and what I actually checked into and the motel told me the website was wrong and would not offer me that room for the price that was listed on the site. So I then contacted booking customer service and they were very nice and understanding and tried to work with the motel owner but they both insisted each other were at fault and the lady with customer service told me they could refund me 20% of the total for my troubles which I agreed to and sent the information asked for through email and after that never heard from or the motel again even after sending several emails to get some sort of response with no luck.
 Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello Brett,I am very sorry to hear this. I would like to follow up on this matter for you. Can you please post your booking number?Regards, Andrea Customer Service Team’


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