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Agoda is present in 38 different languages and has a fast growing online hotel platforms worldwide, counting with hundreds of thousands of hotels. The company behind :Agoda Company Pte. Ltd was established in 2005 and in 2007 was acquired by Priceline Group

Apart from a wide range of accommodation and room types, the millions of hotel reviews are 100 per cent authentic, submitted by customers after they have completed their hotel stay. They have 24/7 multi-lingual customer service & support means assistance is quick at hand when it really counts.

Agoda has lately changed their registration process and you can list your property by following the steps of the latest post:

Registration Process

1. Fill in the digital Registration form

AgodaRegistration2. The following structure will be followed as displayed on the website Extranet:

Registratrion Process

3. After few seconds you receive the following confirmation email:


Target Market

The Agoda brand name is getting well known especially around Asia, as Agoda is based in Singapore and Bangkok.

The Agoda site is available in many languages, not just English – for example you can find Agoda in German, French, Japanese, Swedish, Thai .. and many more, reflecting the worldwide appeal of Agoda. Not just Thailand, not just Asia, but Worldwide. The site is very easy to use, easy to navigate, it’s easy to find rates, easy to make bookings.


Regular travelers will probably have their preferred booking site, I don’t wish to try and change anyone’s mind about which is best, but I have to say that over the last few years the site has got neater, the hotel descriptions better, the booking process easier.

Agoda offers a reward program. From your first booking you get reward points worth around 5% of the room price. You can use these points to reduce the price of the room you are booking, or you can let the points mount up after several bookings and use them to get even bigger savings, or even free rooms! You decide. A friend here in Phuket said he ended up with a free room on his last trip to Kuala Lumpur, having saved up his reward points. You can earn extra points by contributing a hotel review (good or bad!) after your stay.

Reviews by: Jamie’s Phuket





11 Comments Add yours

  1. Anthony Joseph says:

    I’ve opened up a guest house at Nuwara Eliya. I need to know the procedures to register it in Pleased to have some assistance via mobile or mail. Contact; +94779121832


  2. clauzone says:

    Hello, all the best with the opening and wish you many guests. To list your property on Agoda please follow the steps indicated in this post, I have updated the entry as Agoda has changed their registration process:

    Will be happy to help you get listed in other booking websites as HostelWorld, HostelsClub or Expedia.

    All the best, Claudiu S.


  3. Akbar says:

    I have a Hotel and Guest House in the name of Oriental Hotel and Guest House at Leh Ladakh I need to know the procedures to register it in Pleased to have some assistance via mobile or mail. Contact 9906977774 (


    1. clauzone says:

      Thank you for your message and turning to us for a solution. In order to register with OTA Agoda, please follow this steps: I am available via WhatsApp for more details.


  4. Hi I have a question

    I registered to agoda and listed my property, its been 1 month no answer from agoda till today i didint got my contract.

    I sent more than 12 messages via contact page no answer for any my request.

    Do you hove to solve this issue ?



    1. clauzone says:

      Mr. Deriyas, we will help you solve the issue and to analyze your situation in more details, I have wrote to you via email. Talk soon


  5. Diep says:

    Help me. how can I continue ????? I complete 5 steps. The last step is contract but I cannot click it.


    1. clauzone says:

      Dear Mihon, you can not click on the last step, nr. 5 because an account manager from Agoda has to validate your account and send you the contract that you have to sign digitally. Please let us know if you managed to get it solved, If not, will be happy to help you. Please write to:


  6. priyanka senanayake says:

    while I was registering my holiday bungalow on agoda due to power failure my pc stopped working. i want to continue the registration process with agoda. But when I try I could not log in to agoda site as they stop. Please help me.


    1. clauzone says:

      Hi, nice to receive your comment and sorry to hear about the failure in electricity. Please contact us on: where we will be able to provide full assistance based on your needs. Talk soon ClauZone


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